Blog Entry-Week 6

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On Monday the 16th of November we were given an hour long talk by Alex on bird control measures and were told what birds posted the biggest problems to orchards. They are the blackbirds and the swallows. Different measures used to try and control bird populations included gas guns, shooting, loud screeching recorded messages, people banging pots and pans but the most efficient method was to use nets around your orchard to keep the birds out coupled with a shooting to get out the ones that got in. Also going around with a rake upside down and poking out nests was another tip that Alex gave us. For the rest of the day the kiwis gave the Indians a hiding in cricket AGAIN and its came to my attention that they are not the most sportsmanly race of people nor do they have any idea about the following two words-Social Cricket, that’ll teach yous for being stick in the muds. 2-0, read it and weep Indians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Tuesday the 17th I nailed out the rest of my Enterprise report.


Blog Entry-Week 5

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On Monday the 9th of November we finished the installation of the irrigation system at the polytechnic, it was  raging success.

On Tuesday the 10th of November it was NZ Cup day-i was absent

On Wednesday I was absent.

On Thursday 12th of  November I had a days work experience with Nichols of Wanaka, landscaping division. I basically dug holes for trees to go into in a subdivision near Wanaka. They were Liquidambars, Claret Ashs, and Lond0n Planes. I also raked some soil beds free of stones.

On Friday I was raking soil beds again, staked the trees we’d planted and was allowed to drive the hydro seeder in the afternoon which was great. It sprays out seed which is mixed with fertilizer and a pappery mulch onto the soil. It grows rapidly and is very quick to apply.

Blog Entry-Week 4

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On November 2nd the whole class was back together again for the irrigation module and this time we were given the task of installing a system at the polytechnic. My main job was to unearth the spare line that we were going to connect up to but this wasn’t to be, there was none, so we changed our plan and put in a new system. Emma and I dug  the hole for the solenoid to go in and also a trench for the pipe to lie in. We got most of the irrigation system in place that day.

November the 3rd was Melbourne Cup day-enough said

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of November I was absent.

Blog Entry-Week 3

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On Oct 26th it was Labour Day-bank holiday, wahoo!

On Tuesday the 27th of October we started our irrigation module with Alex-For the most part of this day we learnt about the different terminology associated with irrigation like header pipes, lateral pipes, pipe punches, joiners, t-bars, elbows, the list goes on. We wer also shown solenoid valves and connection joints associated with irrigation.

On Wednesday the 28th of October we continued with our irrigation module. This time Emma and I were by ourselves with Alex and he took us to his property where we were shown the current irrigation system that was in place. Our task was to design a suitable irrigation system for Alex’s property. Emma and I measured out the area and then in class we came up with different irrigation systems which would be suitable although as it turned out we both had pretty much similar ideas and systems in place-great minds and all that!!

On Thursday I had my first taste of work experience at Nichols Garden Centre in Cromwell. I weeded plants for the whole day.

On Friday I was again at Nichols and weeded plants for half of the day, the second half I was on the forklift shifting plants around, putting them in their correct locations, labelling them and watering them, a bit better.

Blog Entry-Week 2

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On Monday the 19th of October we continued with our irrigation module. The day was mostly spent carrying out irrigation  maths which involved us all calculating out equations to see how much area certain sprinklers covered with certain amounts of pressure. eg What volume of water is applied in m3, to a block measuring 240mx450m if 5mm of rain fell on it? 5mm=0.005m so 450mx240mx0.005=540m3 which = 540,000 litres. We did sums like that until we were blue in the face!!!

On Tuesday Jo went over the Enterprise report with us all and gave us some important information in order to complete our assignments.

On Wednesday we got a chance to continue working on any outstanding assignments.

On Thursday we got the whole campus area in tip top condition so that it would be ready for all of our customers in the upcoming plant sale that was on Fri and Sat.

On Friday we had our plant sale open to people in the horticulture industry and for senior citizens, surprisingly busy.

On Saturday the Calgary stampede came to town-what a day, what a plant sale, great experience and the bevvies, food and ice cream at the end of it was very much enjoyed by all!!

Blog Entry-Week 1

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On the 12th of October we had our first day of irrigation with Alex. He introduced us to the different terminology associated with this module and ran through a number of different irrigation methods that are used in gardens and commercial activities. Things that were covered included impact sprinklers, drippers, and mini sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers, overhead sprinklers etc. We then talked about header mains and how they fed lateral pipes which then spread out to the desired areas in need of water and is dispersed via one of the methods outlined above. All the different types of piping, valves, clips and attachments were explained to us and we were directed how best to use and/or apply them. Tips were offered by Alex to help anyone attempting to install irrigation. Tip 1-dip lateral piping in hot water so that you can slip them on easily, Tip 2-use a homemade pipe punch to prevent leaks, Tip3-flush the pipes out thoroughly moving along one at a time from the different water exit points before you cover it all in!!

On Tuesday the 13th of October i was absent.

On Wednesday , Thursday and Friday i carried out work on assignments.

Week 9-Blog Entry

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On Monday the 14th of September we continued with our propogation unit. In the morning we went to the Wanaka Refuse Station where Conal showed us around and introduced us to “his baby” which is the compost production he has established. It was very informative and pleasing to see someone who was so enthusiastic and keen to make a difference, im sure that his keeness and energy rubbed off on everyone who was there. In the afternoon we had an hour of class on composting and then we watered our compost pile.


 On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well as the whole next week I was away lambing in Southland.